Why Attend

The ESG risk landscape in Malaysia is constantly evolving with financial institutions and regulators stepping up in their ambitions into more sustainable financing and operating practices, making efforts to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into their governance and business strategy, operations, and risks management. Companies are asked to understand and mitigate ESG issues and trends that can threaten their businesses and include ESG risks and opportunities in corporate strategy and operations.

This conference has been expertly organized to enable you to:


Understand & Acknowledge

Understand and acknowledge transformations as profound changes in the systems that have created the social and environmental challenges we face.


Focus on Main Areas

Focus on the main areas of transformation (4 tracks) and on important cross-cutting issues that act as transformation enablers, such as sustainable finance, conducive policies and regulations, technology, norms and values.


Uncover New Insights

Uncover the inextricable link between the 4 tracks and the ESG challenges they bear.


Develop & Nurture

Develop and nurture new ways of thinking and acting that are based on fundamentally new premises and sources of value.


Identify Touch Points

Identify salient touch points between businesses and opportunities for collaboration and synergies.

Join us now and tackle transformation
conundrums in a holistic manner at
the root cause level!

Who Should Attend

This highly specialized and professionally curated conference is tailored for industry experts and C-suite level executives from sustainability, risk, strategy, operations, risk owners, compliance, investor relations, finance, etc.

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